'Mac Email Marketing' lets you send bulk, marketing content to a list of email addresses stored in a flat file (one email per line). Another light weight but powerful application, with no limitations on no of target recipients. It lets you use the accounts configured in your "Mail" application to send emails. This application works from Apple Snow Leopard operating system onwards.

It can work with Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and any other service that can be added to your 'Mail' application via POP or IMAP.

This application requires your 'Mail' application to be already running so that it can talk to it and send emails. It takes as an input any file which has the content to be sent, preferably HTML or Text. 'Mac Email Marketing' does not personalizes the content and is purely used to deliver the same content to all recipients. It can be a very handy tool for small business owners to quickly promote their offering to a database or list of exported contacts from their own 'Mail'!

This application can also take the list of contacts generated by our Mac Export Email application as input and send them emails instantly. The emails sent can be seen in your Sent Items folder.

We also provide bulk marketing email servers which can be configured with this application to send emails, keeping you free from hassles of getting blacklisted by your ISP. Our email servers enjoy excellent rating to ensure your emails always get delivered to Inbox folders than into Spam.

We are open for suggestions and if you require more features in the application, please write to us using the form below.

System Requirements

This application requires Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6.8) at the minimum. This application can work across 32 bit and 64 bit variants. Nonetheless, to test compatibility with your version, please download our trial copy from the link below before purchasing the full version.


The application is priced at USD 20 per year per system. The application is linked to your Mac Serial No and can be used by any no of users using the same machine.


Once you have purchased the product, please email your Macintosh Serial No, using the form at bottom of this page, along with reference to the payment details. You will get a link to download the activated product within 24 hrs. The download link gets expired after 3 days.


We also provide trial version of the product which lets you send up to 10 emails at a time from your "Mail" application. Contact us via the enquiry form to get a link to download the same.