The Product Incubator

Incubation India provides ongoing support to startups on an active basis for day to day operations as well as strategic areas including but not limited to:

  • Product definition & idea validation
  • Launch of product/service pilots
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Building Systems & Processes for day to day operations
  • Support for Sales, Marketing & Business Development
  • Expectations & Conflict Management with stakeholders, clients, vendors, partners, etc.
  • Compliance & setup
  • Performance Review & Monitoring
  • Regular Mentoring


We work mostly with first time entrepreneurs who want to make their ventures self sustainable with their own resources and then scale up, rather than going via the investment route at the very outset.

We are not against investment at a later stage but making funds a pre-condition for starting out is like pulling trigger while someone else holds the gun. We strongly believe in the learnings that an entrepreneur comes across as they work towards making their venture feasible and attractive to potential customers. Once that lesson is well learnt, the entrepreneur is equipped with the right skills to scale up and make use of funds. Till then, its learning on someone else's cost.

If you share the same line of thinking, we would love to interact with you.

At the current stage, we do not look into “premium” value addition by an idea, instead, we focus more on basic needs/pain points. Ethics or professional standards are very important to us and we go the extra mile to bring that out in the ventures we incubate.

Other than innovative ideas, we don't mind incubating ventures on tried & tested ideas as long as they are aligned to our incubation principle.

How it works

Initially, we provide 1 month of free incubation support to first time entrepreneurs to gauge their commitment, current situation, product idea, approach, vision, driving factor, etc. During this time, we schedule weekly/need based sessions with them to monitor their progress, address their concerns, provide guidance on processes, setup the right systems, introduce team members, etc as we feel appropriate. We also assess utility of our sessions to entrepreneurs.

We understand making a startup profitable is a long running activity where in such support is needed over a prolonged period of time.

Once both sides find good value, we get into an incubation agreement where this support is provided to the entrepreneur on an ongoing basis till they desire or till a logical point is reached viz, break even point, profit milestone or getting funded. Till we sign the agreement, there are no charges.

We charge equity (range of 5 - 15%) for our services when we get into the formal agreement. In return, we commit the time/resources we spend with the entrepreneur for a pre-defined duration. Once the agreement is signed, entrepreneurs have the option to “buy out” the equity with mutual consent to terminate the arrangement.

However, while the agreement is in vogue, it binds the entrepreneur to make key decisions only with our consent. This safeguard ensures the time/resources we spend on your venture actually leads us to something profitable for both parties and both parties are aligned to the same vision as set initially at the time of agreement.

If you are interested in knowing more about our incubation support, have queries or want to enroll with us, please contact us via the contact form on the website.