• Incubation

    Get your idea incubated with us. Or, work on our incubated ventures as co-founder or core team member..Learn More
  • Mentoring

    We provide hands on guidance to help startups launch products, acquire customer, generate revenues and scale up.Learn More
  • Product Management

    We provide complete technology and product support as enabler while you focus on your core business.Learn More
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Technology as Enabler

We advocate and build technology driven solutions for higher adoption, low cost of ownership and fast scalability.

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Solve Real Problems

We actively support ideas that offer solution to existing problem or address a need. We believe in making changes at grassroot level.

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Attention To Details

We devilishly focus on detailing the finer aspects. We quantify, analyze and deliver solutions that are constantly measured and improved.

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How we helpYou run the show with our active mentoring, incubation support & tools.

Focus on Monetization

Focus on revenue in initial stages of idea before you have burned all your cash. We work out the right product mix vs pricing plans with high emphasis on transaction margin..

Product Management

End to end support to enable technology drive solution, encompassing building product, regular upgrade and maintenance.

Regular Touchpoints

Connect with our mentors frequently, to ensure quick and right decisions, ready solutions for your daily challenges, etc..

No Nonsense Approach

We work on ground realities and specific outcomes, which move us closer to our goals, no fancy or dramatic approaches..


Early Validation of Idea

Is the idea worth 3 years of full commitment, team's effort, missed opportunities and the invested money? We take the idea to customer within 3-6 months to get this validated before you invest more resources.

Tools & Frameworks

Tried and tested tools & checklists, to ensure fast and robust processes & systems.

Pocket Friendly

We work mostly on equity basis, we don't charge any upfront fee. That way, we benefit only when you are successful..

Proactive & Detailed

We we plan for predicting & tackling challenges than reacting to them. We believe in being hands on and detailed..

Our Focus

Product Driven Solutions

We prefer creating products to solve problems. It could be a physical device, mobile app or a hosted web solution. Hiring more and more people is not the best way to solve a problem..


Create for Scale

Our solutions and approach are designed for scale from day one. And we strongly believe its the simplicity of the product that drives mass consumption..

What Entrepreneurs Say

  • Puneet is one of the few executives and a friend I know who is a techie (he doesn't call himself one though) who has a single minded focus on business and consumer. He is paranoid about consumer's experience of your product - and that sets him miles apart from anyone else in this space. He whole heartedly helped us at Onspon re-work on the look and feel (and continues to do so) and has contributed immensely. Strongly recommended to anyone who wants to create (or needs guidance to create) a consumer-first tech product. imageHitesh GossainFounder & CEO, OnSpon
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